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Innovation Cooperation Contributes to Development

Fu Liu, chairman of Shuhai Information, and others visited Shanghai

At the invitation of Computer and Software Engineering of East China Normal University in Shanghai, Fu Liu , the chairman of Shuhai Information, and his three colleagues visited the school on June 17, 2019.

School of Computer and Software Engineering of East China Normal University in Shanghai, which is founded in September 2015, is one of the first batch of 35 demonstrative software colleges in China, and it is the only one among the normal universities in China that has been approved to establish. Focusing on the application of self-controlled software system that is related to security, the college has taken charge of and participated in more than 100 scientific research projects, including 973, 863, national natural science foundation of China and other key projects. Aimin Zhou , vice President and relevant leaders of the college introduced the achievements of intelligent campus system, information security system, trusted embedded industrial control system and other related science and technology research and development in detail, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Fu Liu, chairman of Shuhai Information. The college leaders also accompanied the chairman Fu Liu to visit the National Trusted Embedded Software Engineering Technology Research Center.

Through field visits and exchanges, Shuhai Information has reached consensus withComputer and Software Engineering of East China Normal University in Shanghai, on thtransformation of scientific and technological achievements, the development of customized netechnologies, and personnel training, and reached cooperation intention.

The investigation is a strategic layout for the implementation of “one core, one focus, two key points” for the implementation of “N+1” work plan, “going out, please come in” to carry out the pragmatic measures of project docking. The promotion of strategy plays a positive role.

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