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 Integration and Development ,Face future,Datasea Projec...

 Integration and Development ,Face future,Datasea Project Integration of The First Quarter Was Accelerated Again. 

In the first quarter of this year, the business development of Datasea has come into fast track,from January to March, kinds of main businesses which are related to government, associations and other organizations were discussed and negotiated many times,which has played a positive role in promoting the market layout of the company's overall business development and its landing in various regions of the country.

· In the first quarter, The subjects of project integration mainly include:China charity federation hand in hand fund,the national healthy industry commission, ice and snow BBS committee, Beijing office of business association, Zhongguancun Master and Ph. D talents and the market economy institute, Dingdang national physician seminars, Quanzhou investment promotion office in Beijing, Beidahuang group office in Beijing, Market economy research center of Peking University, Market economy research center of Peking University, Qinhuangdao office in Beijing, Zhangjiajie  office in Beijing, Chongqing liangjiang new area, Dongying office in Beijing, Yichun chamber of commerce,Qingdao economic collaboration office in Beijing, Rencheng of Guizhou office in Beijing, Guizhou key projects office in Beijing, Chamber of commerce for enterprises in qiandongnan prefecture, Fuyang office in Bejing, Huannan office in Beijing,Yancheng office in Beijing, Leshan office in Beijing, Hebi office in Beijing, Tongren of Guizhou office in Beijing, Xiamen office in Beijing, China urban development research association,Yangquan of
Shanxi office in Beijing, Shijiazhuang office in Beijing.

Strengthen integration through communication and boost future through integration.The company has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the above-mentioned governments, associations and relevant institutions, it further enhanced the deep combination between Datasea project and industry demand of government departments,It has laid a solid foundation for the advancement of the project.Datasea will strength business layout and promotion across the country.To guide and facilitate the regional economic development through the Datasea mode and advantages",which is the combination of government,industry,capital and project "
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Liu zhixin, CEO of Datasea Attended The Integrated ...... Innovation Cooperation Contributes to Development