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The China Education Informatization International Summit and International Wisdom Education Exhibition hosted by the China Education Technology Association opened grandly at the National Convention Center on the morning of Nov 27, 2017.

Taking "Enlightenment education wisdom, looking forward to the future technology" as the theme, the summit attracts talents from the Ministry of Education and Chinese Academy of Engineering to talk about AI, E - Learning online education, distance education, virtual reality, and the application of education game, including more than 20 domestic and foreign education technology experts and scholars in the summit gave their speech, and nearly 278 industry brand enterprises and 200 education technology product exhibition made their distribution at the exhibition.

The spots of China Education Informatization International Summit & International Wisdom Education Exhibition

As a domestic leading supplier of smart campus security equipment and network security audit equipment, and also the national high-tech enterprise and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, the company was invited to participate in this exhibition.

The spots of Smart Security Campus Management System Exhibition

At this exhibition, we showed the " Smart Security Campus Precaution System" based on the internationally advanced IoT application technology and big data technology in an all-round way through the exhibition area of on-site system interactive demonstration and video explanation. It has attracted many exhibitors, peer experts and project consulting clients from all over the world.

Participants showed great interest in the "Smart Security Campus Precaution System" , and they stopped in the product demonstration and exchange area to watch the product demonstration, consulting and negotiating. Some customers expressed their intention of cooperation on site.

The Smart Security Campus Precaution System provides student ID card, GPS positioning query service, electronic fence, remote monitoring, risk intelligence warning, SOS emergency call and student status management, teaching management, information management and interaction service between family and school, which provides a comprehensive student behavior safety management, campus information and education information service platform for the primary and secondary schools, teachers, students and family. 

This system was awarded the "excellent campus program 2017" by the organizer. It marks the comprehensive application of international leading IoT and big data technology of the security management system, and the platform innovation, research and development achievements and comprehensive service capacity in education informatization field have been highly recognized by experts and users in the industry.

Xiaoliu Zhong, secretary-general of the China Education Technology Association Technical Standards Committee, addressed the conference. Wu Gengsheng, director of the Technical Standards Committee of Education Technical Association of China, member of Education Technical Subcommittee of the Teaching Guidance Committee and Zhongshan Education Technology Center, presented awards for the award-winning enterprises. 

This activity has been held successfully for four times, which is the most authoritative and fair annual selection in the informatization field of education in China.This selection activity is evaluated by top experts in education informatization field. While maintaining authority and professionalism, it focuses on strengthening the participation and evaluation of users of major colleges and universities, aiming at finding truly practical education informatization application solutions for users of colleges and universities at all levels.

The Picture of the "Good Campus Plan" Awards

At present, the world economy is speeding up to the network information technology industry. While fully implementing national power network strategy to foster new kinetic energy in the new historical opportunity , Datasea is With a high sense of corporate mission, adhering to the "science and technology education service" concept, deepening research and development innovation, strengthening the intelligent application of scientific and technological achievements, the improvement of the system platform comprehensive service ability, giving full play to promote the advantages of application of the mobile Internet platform for
Smart Security Campus construction so as to provide high quality technical platform, professional and powerful operation service support for education informatization construction and Smart Security Campus application promotion.

Strong congratulations to Datasea's 2016 Annual Summary and New area, New journey --New Year's message from CEO