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"Science , Technology and Capital” Datasea Boosts The......

"Science , Technology and Capital”
Datasea Boosts The Economic Development of Nanjing Yangtze River Delta Region

On April 26, Shifeng Li, secretary of Xuanwu district party committee of Nanjing city, had a practical exchange with Fu Liu, chairman of the board and Zhixin Liu, CEO of the company, on the important program of the innovation and development planning of Xuanwu district supported by the Datasea,based on the theme of "Nanjing-Datasea model pilot".And in the Beijing special investment promotion conference sponsored by the Xuanwu district committee of the communist party of China and the Xuanwu district government, named"integration of the north and south & science and innovation Xuanwu" , the Datasea headquarters project in the Yangtze river delta region was officially settled in Nanjing City. At this point, the mode is of joint among industry and capital and government to promote the development of local enterprises in Nanjing and the development planning to radiate the Yangtze river delta region will officially start!

Summit dialogue, settling in Nanjing and focusing on the Yangtze river delta

On the afternoon of 26th, Mr. Liu , chairman of Datasea, and Ms. Liu, CEO of Datasea, were invited by the Xuanwu district committee and the district government of Nanjing city to attend the special investment promotion meeting named "integration of north and south & science and innovation Xuanwu" in Beijing, they had an exchange forum with Shifeng Li, secretary of the district committee before the meeting.

Mr.Liu and CEO elaborated their new thinking to Mr.Li,that the company would take Nanjing as the base and radiate the Yangtze river delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, facing the development pattern at home and abroad and relying on the cooperative Development of real industry, scientific and technological innovation, and modern finance and human resources.

Shifeng Li, secretary highly praised the planning and thinking to integrate the government and capital and industry and boost the development of local enterprises,as the internationalized listed company, Datasea has the strong background of science and technology and capital strength, the advanced concept to initiate new platform and conduct the "Nanjing-Datasea model pilot" through it, which Will effectively promote the development of local entity industry and capital integration, The year 2019 is the deepening year for the construction of Nanjing city being famous for innovation, and the breakthrough year for high-quality investment promotion. The development planning of Datasea is just the "Xuanwu accelerator" of investment
 for Xuanwu district government.

The innovation-driven strategy is deeply implemented in Xuanwu district, they are building the innovation economic belt of"one district and five parks" with all their strength to achieve high quality development of Xuanwu economy integrating innovation elements, optimize innovation ecology and the achievements of scientific and technological innovation.

As the first stop of the "going out" is deployed in  “Investment breakthrough year”of Nanjing City, being implemented by Xuanwu district, Beijing special investment promotion conference of "integration of the north and south & science and innovation Xuanwu" is held on time, there are nearly 200 investment institutions and enterprises participating in, and there are 26 quality projects signed or reached the intention of cooperation, The total investment was nearly 10 billion yuan.

The exchange between South and North started a new chapter of innovative development

On behalf of the company, Ms. Liu, CEO of Datasea, signed a formal contract with Nanjing local government

On the morning of 26, April, Wuping Lin,Vice-president of district and his party came to Datasea Beijing headquarters, they were entrusted by Shifeng Li,secretary of the Nanjing district party committee,and district committee and district government, they exchanged the opinions with company management centering on the specific content that Datasea supports the innovation and development planning of Xuanwu district in Nanjing, The stage work was defined and the project implementation plan was defined by both parties.

Editor: Yinong Qu; Publisher: Yang Liu

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Strategic alliance upgrade!  Cooperation Agreement is...... Mr.Liu fu, Chairman of Datasea Researched The Department....