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Project Context

Smart Elevator Risk Precaution Management System. As a high-tech product of "Internet +" safety elevator, the sensor of this system can realize functions of rapid alarm, prompt distress, risk warning and social supervision.

Smart Elevator Risk Precaution Management System fully meets the strict requirements of government quality supervision departments for elevator monitoring, effectively improves the safety and emergency management level of elevator, a widely-used and important facility, and also develops diversified economic benefits of elevator public space, so as to serve the construction of smart city.

Main Products

The overall arrangement of Smart Elevator Risk Precaution Management System is composed of management layer, service layer, front-end model and application layer. The management layer involves property department, supervision department and maintenance department. The service layer includes application server, SMS gateway, database server, communication server and GIS server. The front-end model consists of a smart elevator acquisition device, a smart elevator 4G terminal, a flat layer sensor, a camera, an elevator interphone, an alarm sound, a multimedia network early warning screen, a maintenance card reader, a door magnetic sensor and an infrared sensor. The application layer mainly provides real-time interactive monitoring for supervision, property management and maintenance, and supports smart terminals such as PC, PAD and mobile phone. The front-end model and application layer intelligent terminal, various servers in the service layer, and network for functional departments of the management layer supports TD-LTE, TDD_LTE, FDD-LTE and GPRS. All types of the security linkage system products can be connected to the comprehensive management platform of the public security department to guarantee the safety of passengers.

Smart Elevator Risk Precaution Management System can simultaneously support the real-time monitoring of hundreds of elevators. The monitoring system interface can simultaneously display the contents of alarm information, such as the person in difficulty, squatting, overspeed, door access ladder or card layer, etc., and realize the display of device ID, operation status, occupation or vacancy, and realize the display of device ID, operation status, occupation or vacancy, opening or closing, updated time and other information.

Smart Elevator Risk Precaution Management System is very convenient and simple to set up. The commonly used Settings include the host configuration, historical fault, equipment management, alarm pushing personnel, real-time data forwarding, login password modification and other options.