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Mr. Liu, Chairman of Datasea was invited to attend the......

Mr. Liu, Chairman of Datasea was invited to attend the reform seminar of basic education on educational mode in the new era

April 3, 2019,The reform seminar of innovation education practice training activity and education mode of  basic education in the new era was held in No.35 middle school.

Zhixiang.Cao, director of the research and development center of educational equipment of the ministry of education, Kaifa.Li, secretary of the party committee and President of Beijing education audio-visual press, Pengxin. Zhao, director of the education committee of Xicheng district, Xiaohu Zhang, director of Beijing youth science and technology center, Jianmin.Zhu , headmaster of No. 35 middle school of Beijing ,  Yinfu.Yang, the secretary general of the China education association, administrative leaders, education experts, the  front-line teachers and principal and famous business people, more than hundreds of guests gathered.

Mr. Liu, Chairman of the board of Datasea has been leading the company's team to promote the development of quality education with scientific and technological measures. In the previous stage, Datasea has reached a preliminary strategic cooperation intention with the ministry of education for the "science literacy class project", and Mr. Liu also attended a series of activities of the seminar as an important guest invited by relevant leaders of the ministry of education.

Zhixiang.Cao, Kaifa.Li Xiaohu.Zhang, Jianmin.Zhu and other leaders made the topic speech in the seminar.

Summing-up meeting in the morning, Yinfu.Li, the secretary general of the China education association said: "to make experiments, practice lesson, activity becomes the normal, realize the combination of the education teaching and productive labor, to mix the information technology and education teaching deeply, innovate educational mode, transformation from teaching primarily to study actively, customized education, realize personalized education".Among them, the deep integration of information technology and education is the field that Datasea has been expanding. This exploration direction of the company has a high degree of agreement with the future development direction of education.

After the meeting, Mr. Liu visited the top ten high-end science and technology research laboratories in the No.35 middle school together with the leaders, experts and teachers, and made a field investigation on the combination of science and technology and education.
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