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Shuhai 's epidemic prevention & control system ......

Shuhai Information's epidemic prevention, control and early-warning system provides support to the first juncture of controlling COVID-19

In recent days, the State Council issued an urgent notice on “Organizing the Resumption of Infrared Body Temperature Measuring Instrument and Supporting Parts Manufacturers”, based on which infrared body temperature measuring system and equipment were clearly included into the key materials for epidemic prevention and control. It is emphasized that body temperature measurement shall be taken as the first juncture for epidemic detection, and infrared body temperature measuring system, as key equipment to win the war of epidemic prevention and control, is playing an important role for identifying suspected patients in public places.

Against the overwhelming outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the rapid infrared body temperature measuring instrument has built up the "first line of defense” all over China! Based on the intuition and non-contact principle of infrared thermometry, it has become a significant type of epidemic prevention materials, as it is helpful to partly reduce the probability of contact infection during fever detection, thus attaching great significance for the controlling of epidemic widening as well as analysis and diagnosis of such diseases.

 Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease, so the main difficulty of epidemic control lies in the high infectiousness at close contact. Traditional instruments like mercury thermometer, forehead thermometer and spot thermometer all require direct or close contact with the person being tested, which poses a significant risk of cross infection. And rapid infrared body temperature measuring system is a good way to solve this problem, not only because it does not need any direct contact with the tested person, but also ensures the result accuracy even at a certain distance. The rapid infrared body temperature measuring system detects the infrared radiation of human body in real time, and according to a special algorithm, the body temperature data can be generated in milliseconds. After the system starts to work, the body temperature data can be immediately obtained the minute people walking through the monitoring range of the equipment, without any need to ask people to stop for temperature measurement. Besides, the system features another advantage as it supports simultaneous measurement of multiple people and identification of people with fever through video screens.  

Methods currently available on the market are mainly designed for individual measurement based on a traditional combination of manual measurement and single instrument; infrared instrument has been applied in a small number of cases, where functions like video monitoring, infrared body temperature measurement and so on failed to be integrated onto one same equipment as video monitoring equipment and infrared temperature measuring equipment were still being used separately. Therefore, it would not be possible to simultaneously enable body temperature measurement and face recognition of the tested people, resulting in a failure in identifying fevered people as displayed in the system. 

The epidemic prevention, control and early-warning system, as R&D focus of Shuhai Information, successfully integrates a series of latest technologies e.g. biometric identification, thermal-image-based temperature measurement, intelligent video analysis, etc. to effectively achieve large-scale and high-speed inspection, accurately identify people with high body temperature for investigation, and improve the efficiency of early warning, interim handling and post tracing, thus supporting us to fight against the epidemic with the best effectiveness and highest accuracy.


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