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Promote the Development to Obtain Win-win Achievement by Coo

On the afternoon of October 12, the channel resources exchange for cooperation meeting of "Datasea Intelligent Security Project" was held in the conference hall of Datasea. With the theme of "integrating, sharing and win-win", Ms. Liu zhixin, CEO of the company, and nearly 40 people from Beijing and neighboring regions attended the meeting, aiming to explore new opportunities and to seek new development jointly.

The spots of Shuhai Data Cooperative Exchange Meeting

In recent years, Datasea Info Ltd. focuses on the national strategy of "Internet security", and is committed to applying the Internet of things, big data and other emerging information intelligence technologies to the field of network security and public security to facilitate the construction of smart cities. In line with the development concept of "scientific decision-making, continuous improvement, shared governance, mutual benefit and win-win", we will focus on implementing the blue ocean strategy to promote the business development in the fields of smart security, Smart Security Campus, Smart Elevator Risk Precaution Management System and Network Security Audit, and to enhance the sustainable development ability and core competitiveness of the company.    

At the beginning of the meeting, the welcome speech given by Ms. Liu Zhixin, CEO of Datasea Info Ltd., elaborates the core purpose of the company to give play to the platform advantages of information resource sharing, to strengthen the connectivity of partners, to integrate and expand the advantageous resources, to share resources, and to seek common development. During the meeting, Ms. Liu also promised that in the cooperation, Datasea Info Ltd. will give full support to partners in the value chain services such as platform, resources and capital. The company will share resources, expand market and share promising future development with our partners. Ms. Liu wishes mutual benefits and common development.

Experts made a systematic interpretation of the smart security project during the meeting. The innovative business model and unique platform advantages attracted great attention from the participants. At the conference, the participants fully exchanged, actively consulted and negotiated project cooperation under the warm atmosphere. “On the road of future development, we will continue to cooperate with the company for win-win and common development!”, said of the partners.

The spots of Shuhai Data Cooperative Exchange Meeting

The Smart Campus Security System which can prevent affairs forehead, control matters in the event and handle things afterwards, can help campus to strengthen the ability of technical, material and civil defense. The system can reduce potential safety loophole to the greatest extent to ensure safe and comfortable environment with all-directional and all-day precaution.

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