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Datasea Info Ltd. Successfully held the Smart Security Campu

On September 12, the company successfully held the channel release of the Smart Security Campus early warning system project in the Vienna hotel of Harbin. Through in-depth explanation of the early warning system and demonstration of the application scene, the site experts and entrepreneurs deeply felt the necessity and importance of the Smart Security Campus Precaution System built by the company with the advantages of high-tech security, intelligent products and platforms for the construction of a harmonious campus environment, agents sign intentionality agreements one after another.

The spots of Shuhai Data Cooperative Exchange Meeting

Education -- the fundamental plan of the country; Campus - the foundation of great power. In march, Chen Baosheng, minister of education, pointed out that "safety work should be placed more prominently in the development of education, and the safety of teachers and students should be given top priority. Adhering to the concept of "science and technology service campus", the company has been building the "smart security campus" system project, promoting the informatization construction of primary and secondary schools, the enhancement of informatization capacity and the construction of "smart security campus" with informatization and Internet mobile terminal solutions. The system includes SOS alarm, campus emergency evacuation plan, guard along the way, school bus monitoring, telephone watch and other platforms and hardware and software products.

Simulated Student's SOS Alarm

The Smart Security Campus Precaution System protects students' personal safety in a timely manner, which can be prevented in advance, controlled in the event and handled afterwards. Carry out all-directional, all-weather precaution, reduce safety hidden danger to the greatest extent. Protect the safe and comfortable campus environment.

The spots of Shuhai Data Cooperative Exchange Meeting


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